Sweden is one of the most stable countries in the world, which has the highest level of economy and social security. This Scandinavian country is an example of good life quality. Everything here is done for the convenience of people at the highest level. Convenience for life, for work, for getting an education, for buying a first home - the state has taken care of everything. Swedes live in full prosperity, and even the poorest citizens have an annual income of 15 thousand euros.

Even this minimal knowledge about Sweden is already enough to make you want to live in this country, if not all your life, then at least temporarily. Get higher education, get a job or start a business. Or maybe stay forever, if possible. In the beginning, this will require a permit from Swedish authorities for temporary residence.
how to get

residence permit in sweden

Family reunion
Suitable for those who have close relatives living in Sweden: parents, children, spouse, long-term or cohabiting partner.
Immigration to Sweden is possible if you are a good specialist. A person who has launched a business on the territory of the country or who has provided an employment contract, documents that show that he is invited for seasonal work, help with household chores, can get citizenship. In order for the employer to send an invitation, he must prove that there are no worthy applicants for the position in the EU.
To obtain residence permit based on business, you must provide a business plan supported by financial statement and budget calculation. You must have sufficient funds to support yourself and your family for the first two years of your stay in Sweden. Businessmen do not need to apply for a work visa.
Study permit
After you have received an admission to the university, we will help you with acquiring residence permit based on your studying plans. It is essential to have a proof of sufficient funds which would confirm that the student can support himself with at least 8500 SEK per month or have a scholarship at Swedish university.
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immigration services in Sweden

We provide full assistance in obtaining a residence permit on various basis, such as work, family ties, business and studies in Sweden.
We help to adapt at a new place and help to arrange children in kindergarten or school, find housing and work, advise if there are any problems in the country.
We work transparently according to the Swedish immigration law and we don't provide any recruitment services.
We provide personal immigration consultation if you wish to learn more about all the options available.
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