Business immigration
in Sweden

You can obtain residence permit in Sweden by starting your own business as self-employed.

Finding or establishing company
We will help you lease or buy the desired premises where you can run your business. This can be from us finding a restaurant, cafe or hotel that you wish to pursue or commercial premises for your employees or premises for you to store or produce your products.

Or we can help you obtain a franchise agreement from a established Swedish / European company.

Review of your business idea and your case.
Establishment of your business plan
Establishment or review of contract/franchise agreement with third parties
Registration of your case with the Swedish Immigration Board.
Registration of your business in Sweden.
Establish a professional business plan that is the foundation of your business and can convince Swedish migration to create your business idea as a freelancer in Sweden. Once your business plan is complete, we will help you prepare and submit your self-employed case to the Swedish Migration Board.

Once your business idea is approved by the Swedish Migration Board, you will get a two-year residence permit in Sweden. You and your family will receive your residence cards which you can pick up at the Swedish embassy in your country or in the country where you live.
Business support
We know that your entire future and that of your family depends on your investment and therefore we will support you even when you have received a residence permit in Sweden and start to stabilize your business.

Therefore, we will offer you a customized marketing approach that suits you and your business so that you can be counted among the leaders in your business category from the very beginning.
For a successful start of a business project in Sweden, an entrepreneur needs to carefully study the Swedish market for goods and services, draw up a competent business plan and have a start-up capital.

A foreign entrepreneur must obtain a permit from local authorities (residence permit). This document allows you to carry out entrepreneurial activities in Sweden (for a period of more than 3 months), but excludes employment in a Swedish company.

The next step is to apply for a long-term business visa, which grants the right to reside in the country for more than 90 days. With a successful business, an entrepreneur, has the opportunity to obtain a permanent residence. And after 5 years of residence, there is a basis for obtaining Swedish citizenship.
  • Register the company
    If you are going to start a limited company, a trading partnership, limited partnership, or economic association, you must register your company with the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Swedish: Bolagsverket).
  • Register with the Swedish Tax Agency
    All companies are required to register with the Swedish Tax Agency. You need to apply for F-tax approval, register for business VAT, and register as an employer.
  • Contact us for advice
    Tell us about your goals and objectives, and we will submit the best offer for your consideration. Our preliminary consultation and detailed price offer are free of charge.
  • We will take care of everything
    We receive all the necessary information from you, prepare all the documentation and send it to you for approval. We offer a completely remote service.
  • Starting a business in Sweden
    We take care of the filing of all applications and organize any necessary corporate services. We will notify you when the process is complete and your company in Sweden is ready to go.
Business immigration to Sweden has its positive and negative sides. To have an idea of all the nuances of this method of immigration, contact the specialists of the Fintegra company. Answers to questions related to the establishment of a company in Sweden can be obtained by writing to us through this form. Our team of lawyers will answer you shortly.