Business situation in Sweden is very favourable for direct foreign investments. Buying an existing business in Sweden gives you an opportunity to acquire a residence permit based on business immigration, which has become more popular in the last years.

When you purchase a running company, you take over an established name, possible ready-made brand and normally have a customer network already and a certain turnover from the first weeks. Many people find that buying an existing business is a safer and faster option than starting a new business from zero. It is advisable to consider this opportunity, when relocating to Sweden.
You don't need to spend too much time planning, conducting market research and creating a new brand.
The business will have a trading history, will have customers, and will possibly have staff who know how the business runs.
By looking through the financial reports you will be able to better determine turnover and profit percentages, and perhaps find more ways to save on expenses and make more money
You will most likely have direct access to resources such as premises, suppliers, equipment and products.
The disadvantage of buying a company is that it usually requires a large investment. You will have to pay for the fact that the business is already established. If you are buying a limited company, you should be aware that it may contain some old debts, contracts, which you inherit, therefore you should investigate this thoroughly, but there still might be some risks associated with it.
Sometimes certain sector conditions may also be such that it is better to build a company from scratch and create a new market profile and completely a new brand.
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