Benefits of living in Sweden

Sweden is highly organized when it comes to information and technology, Swedes are used to order and keeping an accountability of things very efficiently. Sweden is known to be one of the most technologically advanced countries and has on the fastest internet connections in the world. All public, service, and social systems are overall well organized, easily accessible, and well-taken care of. 

Relocating to Sweden is one of the best decisions that you can take. Working in Sweden gives you many benefits, despite relatively high taxes, social benefits are remarkable. High taxes always have great rewards. Health care and education benefits are great. You will have plenty of paid holidays, which means more than 5 weeks per year, depending on your job. If you are planning to have kids, you will have many great social benefits, as parents in Sweden get 480 days of parental leave. You would also guarantee a great support, safety, high life quality and bright future for your kids. 

Sweden is known for its high standards of living, sustainability, great work-life balance, protected human rights and social equality. Nordic countries are recognized for being most environmentally conscious and recycling is a big deal here. Swedes love outdoors and spending time in the nature, hiking, camping, grilling, or spending free time at the cottage is an essential part of their lives. Sweden is rich with forests and lakes. 70 % of the country is covered with forests and has more than 97 500 lakes. Even if you don’t own a cottage, you can always find an affordable place to rent for the whole family. People here love cross-country skiing in nature, ice skating in ice rinks, and to have an ice hockey as a hobby is a common thing amongst youngsters.

The Swedish archipelago is famous for its small islands. There are more than 30 000 of islands, which makes it idyllic place to visit in summer by boats. Many people have built and own cosy cottages on these islands. It is a quick and perfect gateway from city’s hassle, busy life. One hour boat ride can also give you a necessary sense of peace and tranquillity. Swedes place a great focus on comfortable and relaxed lifestyle and so will you.

Important values of the society here is spending quality time with family and friends, making life as stress-free as possible and constant self-development of personal skills. You might come across the fact that Sweden has different ideologies, customs and beliefs and you might experience a culture shock, if you are from outside of Europe. It is important to be flexible, understanding, and open-minded to Swedish society and if not completely accept, then at least respect their rules and ways of thinking.

Swedes themselves are very genuine, supportive people Swedes are known to be open minded and very accepting to different viewpoints. Swedish people are used to living in a multi-cultural environment and majority is very welcoming towards immigrants.

So these are just some of the reasons, which make Sweden a great place to live.