Looking for a job in Sweden?

How to find a job in Sweden

The more effort you put into a job search, the more rewarding it feels and you get a better chance to find a job that is the right one for you. Hard work pays back. It is not easy to move to a new country, especially if you don’t know anyone there and you don’t really know how the system works.

Sweden has a great job market, especially there is a demand for civil engineers, IT specialists, architects, digital marketers, construction workers, transport drivers and many more. The population in Sweden is a bit more than 10 million with density of 25 km2 in the country. Sweden is a very multicultural place and often you can acquire a job without Swedish language skills, mostly you can manage with advanced, professional English skills.

Sweden has quite strict rules what comes to work policies. Most of the employers need to follow collective agreements, which regulates conditions between employers and employees. Basically, it means that workplaces need to meet certain standards and follow rules to make sure both sides are satisfied.

When looking for a work abroad, it is surely beneficial to have connections, and someone who could recommend you and give great referrals about you. The recruitment process is however usually based on strict HR policies and integrity. No doubts, usually competition is high, but you can ‘win the contest’ if you know how to stand out and reassure them you are the right person for the position.

You can also try to leave open applications just buy visiting websites of certain companies you know or how found online, and you are interested in. Cold calling nowadays doesn’t really help much but phoning a potential employer after you have submitted the application, might help you to catch their attention and look at your cv more carefully and prioritize it. 

Useful links for your job search:
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